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You’ll notice ASAC is in the midst of updating its name and look to Pivot (effective January 1, 2015). The name Pivot was selected because it seems to be a perfect analogy for changing our own lives and our community for the better. Just one small step—perhaps as simple as making a call for information or assistance or to help out--can start our move into an entirely new and better direction.

ASAC's Mission: Working toward an addiction-free community through prevention.


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To the official website of Alcohol Substance Abuse Council of Jefferson County, Inc.(ASAC).


The Alcohol Substance Abuse Council of Jefferson County (ASAC) offers a wide variety of information, services, and programs for you, your family, your co-workers, your school, and our community.



The “Combat Heroin,” a campaign designed to inform and educate New Yorkers about the risks of heroin and prescription opioid use, the signs of addiction, and the resources available to help.


The website, which can be found at this link:, includes information about warning signs of heroin and opioid abuse and misuse, access to Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services treatment providers, and guidance to help parents talk to their children and healthcare professionals talk with their patients.

Bill Bowman, Executive Director of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Council of Jefferson County, says, “We applaud the Governor’s decision to launch the Combat Heroin Public Awareness Campaign. Jefferson County, like most counties in New York State, is experiencing a severe heroin epidemic with an associated rise in drug arrests, increase in related crime, overdose calls to first responders, and overdose deaths. By bringing the reality this epidemic clearly in the eyes of New Yorkers, promoting prevention and how to access help, the Combat Heroin Campaign will surely save many lives.”


ASACís prevention and information services for alcohol abuse and alcoholism, underage drinking information and help, substance abuse information and help, problem gambling information and help, and smoking cessation programs to help you or a loved one quit smoking or using other tobacco products, and self-help meeting listings.

ASACís employee assistance program, Northern Employee Assistance Services, offers local and regional work-life assistance and expertise to employers and employees throughout the northern New York region.

ASAC is also Jefferson County site for the New York State Drinking Driver Program.
We welcome you to and invite you to wander through the ASAC website. We know you will find wealth of resources for healthy living in Jefferson County.


About ASAC

    The Board and Staff of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Council of Jefferson County, Inc. are convinced that alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and problem gambling are preventable. In conjunction with New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services the ASAC goals are to:

      • reduce the prevalence of substance use and abuse and problem gambling in Jefferson County;
      • delay first use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and gambling behavior among youth as long as possible;
      • decrease the negative health, social, and economic consequences and costs associated with substance use and problem gambling; and,
      • prevent, through early identification and brief intervention and referral, the escalation of substance use and gambling behaviors to levels requiring treatment.
        Prevention -- the most cost-effective method of obtaining these goals.